Runaway Run


talkies, peoples, talkies!

All I'm writing this, I'm in the middle of a giggling fit. Why? I have no idea. So please bear with me...this is going to be insane. Righty-o, peoples, we are taking a look at the two lovely men who are providing our hornbag with a voice. Let's meet them, shall we?

Michael Reisz
Yes, I do. Shut the hell up, we were all dubbies once.Matt's English voice, and an extremely fine one at that!! **falls over** His voice is like silk...even when he's screaming it's still as smooth as the afforementioned fabric...and you subbies can lemme 'loooone!! I happened to like the Digimon dub--well, except for Wormmon's voice, but let's not get off topic. Mr. Reisz is still single, according to our sources a seasoned veteran in the voice acting biz -- he's had roles on Men In Black, Jumanji, and Godzilla. At least, that's what I'm television diet consists of Digimon in the morning and BGC: Tokyo 2040 on Saturday nights. Really. Anyways, you can find much much more on Michael here.

Kazama Yuuto
If Michael's voice is silk, than Yuuto's voice is velvet, and that's all I have to say about that (Yeah, right!). Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a die-hard dubbie and I will be until the day I have kids and I get sick and tired of hearing them ballyhooing over which season won the 2016 Digibowl -- Season 34 or 35. But I love the Japanese voices, especially Matt's. Maybe it's 'cause of the drama disc I recently purchased (that would be Tegami~Letter for the curious), maybe it's how deep and seksy his voice is. Who knows. Either way, this guy is a legend and sounds bloody perfect for Mattbat. All that aside, there is hardly ANY info on Yuuto. At all. I know that he was born on April 19 (year unknown) and his blood-type is B, but that's IT. **sighs** Stay tuned 'till next time, then...

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