Runaway Run


hi, my name is...

Mimi Elaene Brandywine (not her real name, but who needs real names?) was born in what has now become the last century. Now that's something to tell your kids. She (currently) has dark red hair, standard brown eyes, vampirically pale skin, and a temper to give Ishida Yamato a run for his money (still). She lives most of the time on her own in a sweet little town only ten minutes away from the ocean, which makes her incredibly happy. Mimi is probably far too old to be enjoying Digimon, but does so anyway.

You can visit Mimi's big ol' website by clicking here, or read her journal (friends only, but free to be friends'd by anyone) by clicking here. If you want to email her and abuse her for whatever reason, her email address is EVENSTAR at GMAIL dot com.

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