Runaway Run


ooh, pretty colours!

This is the first new layout in eighteen months, and the first official art used since the first layout all those years ago. Admittedly, I did filter 'n layer the hell out of it, but it's still official. This layout is called "a million sighs" and incorporates the lyrics from the shrine's namesake song, "Runaway Run" by Hanson. I went with a deliberately simple layout, but it features a few new things, design-wise: firstly, it's entirely CSS powered, and secondly, it's PHP-ised!

There may be some minor discrepancies in the size of the margins in Firefox, but this won't effect your viewing experience negatively.

I want to thank my friend Nichole for helping knock some sense into me when I was struggling idiotically with the CSS and ready to throw the entire thing in the Recycle Bin.

Version 1 -- Koishitau
"Koishitau" is Japanese, it literally means "tender last glance". This layout used an image scanned from the front of Yamato's drama CD, "Tegami~Letter". It's beautiful.
(splash) (layout)

Version 2 -- Find Out
"Find Out" is a song from the 3rd movie. This was a Mimato layout, and featured my city, Brisbane. The artwork was done by me.
(splash) (layout)

Version 3 -- Wonder
Using a doujinshi scan I filched off eBay, if I remember rightly. The longest standing layout EVER. It opened in a pop-up box and did away with the info-media-omake etc menus and put all the links on one page. It was also severely trimmed down multimedia-wise, due to space restrictions of my host.
(splash) (layout)

Version 4 -- Those Days Run Away
Made while listening to "Dirty Day" by U2 and drinking too much coffee. This layout came from a doujinshi scan that I resized, cleaned up, and then colourised. It was the first layout to do away with the splash page (who needs 'em?).

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