Runaway Run

His Friends

no, really, he has some...

Prickly bastard he can be at times or not, Matt has those he is close to. This is NOT every DD's relationship with Matt broken down, instead this is what I saw as his closer friends. Do enjoy my lovely psycho-analysis...which is more psycho than analysis.

These guys are best friends. It's especially obvious in 02, even though they don't really hang out much. Matt's relaxed in Tai's company and have got each other's backs.

From what I can tell, Izzy, Tai and Matt are a trio who like to buddy it around at school. They seem pretty good friends (ie, they all went camping towards the end of the Digimon Emperor) and they make a perfect team, ne? Izzy's the smart one, Tai's the hyper one, and Matt's the quiet one.

Sora's everyone's friend, and the Sorato Nazis will hang me if I don't include her, but, still. Matt and Sora work well together as friends because they tend to think the same -- while Tai thinks about the now, Sora and Matt oftentimes think ahead. Sora has a quiet trust placed in Matt.

I know, you probably think I'm nuts, but bite me :P I think Davis looks up to Matt and respects him because he's friends with Tai, and Davis thinks Tai can do no wrong. Although they started off on a bad foot, I'm pretty sure they get on okay now.

Ken and Matt, towards the end of 02, really struck a chord with each other. They seemed very relaxed and open in each other's company. I think maybe Ken saw in Matt someone who's felt the same pain as he did in the past, and naturally felt a special bond with him.

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