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the ditz argument

'ditz' and 'sweet' are not mutually exclusive

me? ditzy? really?At the peak of Dragonball GT's pre-dub fandom, due to some liberally translated fandubs and simply fan misconceptions, it was thought that Paresu was a complete ditz, and a country bumpkin, to boot. At the beginning of Paresu fandom (around late 2000), it was hotly denied that she was a ditz, simply sheltered. (Please keep in mind that at the beginning of Paresu fandom, some people also held the belief that she was a goth. I'm not entirely sure how that started, nor what substantiated it, but...)

At first, I also believed vehemently that Paresu was not a ditz. But now, while working on this version of the shrine (eight years later!)...well, I still see her more as naive than ditzy. But I do find myself it really that terribly awful if she is a ditz?

Inoue Orihime: the leek-spinner herselfIn anime and manga, the 'ditz' trope is used so often that regular watchers of the medium probably gloss over it completely. Unless someone is so spectacularly and stunningly stupid that they affect the plot so negatively it causes plotholes you can fly a jumbo jet through, it's not even something to blink at anymore. (This may go hand in hand with the fact that vacuity, in Western pop culture at least, is becoming something no longer frowned on, but lauded...but that is an entirely different rant :P) But is this label really as horrible as fandom thinks it is?

First, let's look at what a ditz is usually defined as: a person with amazingly little common sense, who can't seem to get their train of thought on the tracks, much less have it derailed at any point. Most times they are haplessly clumsy. Some famous ditzes in anime include Tsukino Usagi of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Inoue Orihime of Bleach, and yes, even Son Goku of our source material.

Tsukino Usagi: pure brains!It can't be denied that these characters are ditzy. Sometimes they lack common sense to the point of physical pain (literally). But does this make them any less worthy a character than their co-stars? Absolutely not. Orihime is noted for her sympathetic and gentle personality, Goku is brave and utterly sefless, and Usagi possesses the purest heart known to mankind (or so we're told). All these characters have legions of fans and admirers despite their flaws. They are entirely likeable, despite being occasionally airheaded.

Pacchan doesn't mind what you think!Why should it be anathema to think the same way of Paresu? Keep in mind that Paresu is a minor character. We don't see overmuch of her, but when we do, she does display traits that could be looked at as either naive or ditzy. This doesn't change the fact that she's a sweetheart in the least! Characters (and people!) should be judged by more than their intelligence -- if you are a kind and caring person, it shouldn't matter than you can't recite pi to the four hundredth decimal point or write the next Great American Novel.

So, by all means, feel free to interpret Paresu's actions and reactions in her two starring episodes as ditzy -- it doesn't make a difference to her adorable personality...nor to those of us who adore her for it! ^_~
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