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Paresu 411

bits and bobs of information

name; パレス - Paresu ('Valese' in the English dubs)
age; unknown, possibly late teens/early twenties
hair; russet
eyes; brown

sittin' prettyParesu is a very minor character in the 1997 anime series Dragonball GT, a sequel of sorts of the wildly popular Dragonball Z. (I say 'of sorts' because GT, while given the go-ahead from Toriyama Akira, the creator of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, had very little to do with the plot of GT, apart from a minor production role.) She first appears in Japanese episode 25, "Taihenda!! Chikyuu ni Bebii ga Arawareta" (Disaster! Baby Arrives on Earth) which was dubbed in English as "Baby's Arrival" and episode 10. Her role is that of Goten's girlfriend. She is out on what appears to be her very first date with Goten -- and what is quite possibly her first date at all.

how do I eat this without a spoon?Paresu appears to have had a very sheltered upbringing: despite her age, she has a curfew of 5 p.m., and is slightly bewildered when Goten presents her with a soft-serve cone: the idea of eating ice-cream without a spoon is completely foreign to her. Some fans have interpreted this as an indication that Paresu may be from a rich family, as later on during their date Goten offers to treat her to a hamburger, and she honestly doesn't know what one is! Another indication of Paresu's sheltered upbringing may be thus: when the man possessed by Baby causes an explosion heard throughout West City, Paresu asks Goten if it's the beginning of a festival (she may be referring to fireworks, which she may have heard of but never seen).

happy Pacchan!Paresu has a very sweet nature, which is shown in her dealings with her boy. She worries while watching him fighting, and even calls him on her cell phone mid-battle to make sure he's okay. When he appears post-battle, she hastens to tie her handkerchief around a cut he received while fighting Baby. When Goten, who is possessed by Baby at the time, rips the makeshift bandage off and throws it over Paresu's head. In testament to her good nature, Paresu rapidly forgives him -- much to the bewilderment of Mr. Satan. ^_~
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